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Jessture dot wrong

Update re. jessture.com not working properly: Long story short, I’m in the process of moving my site from WordPress.com to Bluehost, and tech support tells me that it’ll take 3 days – several weeks for the jessture.com domain to propagate … Continue reading

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You are /dev/null to me.

You are /dev/null to me.

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LibreOffice: This Is What I See

“This is what I see.” —frustratedtech

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Down with apps…really.

With a little tweaking, this can be applied to the ultimate app—Windows 8: Want to use an inconsistent version of our OS where you can’t get your work done without constantly having to toggle back and forth between two separate, … Continue reading

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Point of GNOME Return

I don’t know why people hate on GNOME Shell so much: I am convinced that Gnome has no future. It will soon be pushed into obsolescence by its own suicidal design. For those who want traditional, there’s Cinnamon or KDE. … Continue reading

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The Artist Formerly Known as eBay

Bland is the new bold, as is evidenced by eBay’s freshly updated logo. “We wanted something that would be easy on the eyes,” says Adlai Atkins, eBay’s faux-marketing director, “something noticeable, but not outright memorable. The last thing eBay wants … Continue reading

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The Ignorant Pipsqueak’s Ultimate Linux Fail Checklist

This rant was originally instigated during the Fedora Core 5 days (as outlined in I will not use GNOME until…), and has been building steadily ever since, reaching a crisis point thanks to my recent purchasing of the Dell Inspiron … Continue reading

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Not the Good Kind of Full-Frontal

(Image via nscarr.) Beloved pr0n site YouPorn has, through an embarrassing data breach, inadvertently forced its users to go full-frontal. This choice quote from the Neowin article pretty much sums it up: In an odd twist of fate, YouPorn finally … Continue reading

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Agree to Agree?

(Inspired by my brother’s innocent question, “How do you get Windows and Mac to read the same files on a USB hard drive?” …and the tears of frustration and disappointment that followed shortly thereafter. And yes, there’s also a T-shirt … Continue reading

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TV Won't Steal Your Vision After All

A recent Scientific American article offers up some insight regarding that modern-day question of the ages: Does TV ruin your eyesight? I know until I hit my mid-teens, my mother was always yelling at me and my brother to “sit … Continue reading

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