Time Chaser

Time Chaser, by Jesse Gordon - Kindle E-book

Publisher: Madman & Moniker

Unintentionally separated from his birth stream, Storm Anderson was a fugitive on the run, an exile of humanity, and the Time Patrol’s biggest headache. All he wanted was to get back home. However, the journey across time and space had delivered him a lifetime away from everyone and everything he held dear, and the only way back lay beyond the maniacal watch of a timeless adversary…

Time Chaser comprises three separate incarnations of my popular online science fiction series in a single convenient volume. This special edition also includes the unpublished “Breakfast with Chronos” novella, which further fleshes out the Storm / Chronos character, as well as the social theory behind a futuristic San Francisco.

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2 Responses to Time Chaser

  1. Megan says:

    If it helps to add one more nagging voice to the collection, here’s the review I posted at my blog. Thanks for being open-minded, Jesse. 🙂

    Jesse Gordon’s first novel, Time Chaser, has been through a billion changes since its first appearance as an erotic short story in 1998. This final version is somewhat toned down, and actually possesses an abstract sort of plot. Not that the earlier stories didn’t have one; it’s just that it was lost amongst all the heaving pecs and powerful penises. This time around, Storm Anderson is a time chaser, a free-willed inhabitant able to traverse time and space when it suits him. He’s over a hundred years old, and yet he sports the body of a high school football jock. Good genes—God given and store-bought. But looks alone won’t be able to save him as he flees from the Time Patrol, a far-reaching galactic organization intent on keeping everyone locked down in their own individual time streams.

    It may sound kind of complicated, but Jesse resists the urge to tell Storm’s story in a longer, more epic technique used in so many other space operas. The result, as mentioned above, is an abstract adventure, almost casual. The science is very minimal—Star Trek science, in that if you can suspend your disbelief, you’ll get along fine.

    Of course, there are the characters themselves, everyone lean, muscular, athletic—sometimes even grotesque, as in the case of Gregori, a convict suffering from an inflicted ailment causing him to grow fatter and fatter until eventually he’s crushed under his own weight. And Camie, the warden, a massively-built female bodybuilder and love interest of Storm’s. These are all characters that seem to be magnificent in some ways, grotesque in others.

    Overall, this is an OK read, and will probably most interest the die-hard fans. It’s not bad, but it IS obvious this is a first novel, a testing of the waters before Jesse’s epic grunge-fantasy, The Knack.

  2. Kitchen Lady says:

    Another WOW for this one, Mr. Jesse! I enjoyed reading ‘Time Chaser’ immensely about a year ago, but I enjoyed the read even more this time. I find that no matter how much I try to pay attention to and figure out all the fine details in a story the first time, it’s always the second time around that truly inspires me. I just love how you ’spin’ a tale!

    ‘Time Chaser’ has myriad levels of thought and action occurring concurrently in the past, present, and future. Storm Anderson (main character, and ‘Hero’ in my heart) just had me spinning! It was a challenge for me to keep up with how everything connected, with how the pace kept bouncing back and forth, with the ‘Why?’ of it all.

    But maybe there doesn’t need to be an answer to ‘Why’. Maybe everything in the Universe just IS, and we each must weave our unique, integral threads into the Tapestry of Life, creating our own mini-universes within the Whole.

    The characters that Storm interacts with in ‘Time Chaser’ are fascinating. Some are so chilling that I would not want to personally encounter them in so-called ‘real life’. I applaud Storm’s ultimate ‘choice’ toward the end of the novel. I wonder how many ‘birthstreams’ it would take for the average person to choose that way?

    An extremely entertaining and provocative novel. Ten thumbs up!

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