The Reformed Citizen

The Reformed Citizen, Jesse Gordon's dark fiction anthology - rare and unpublished stories, novelettes, and novellas - Kindle E-book

Publisher: Madman & Moniker
Sold Out

While 2005’s The Midnight Recollections served as an introductory sampling of my short story work, this collection of mostly novellas and novelettes delves specifically into the dark, the introspective, and the surreal. Most of the material presented herein comes in the form of rare and unpublished gems sharing similar themes of societal idiosyncrasies. The Reformed Citizen could be classified as “social science fiction”—with a devious twist. As usual, the subject matter is potent and varied, unabashedly frank, and, hopefully, not easily forgotten.

Included in this volume: “Distributed Logic,” “Line 43” (aka: “Morning Commute”), “The Ninth Life of Vincent Nguyen” (aka: “Fear Stomping”), “A Whisper from the Mirror” (aka: “Losing Character”), “Fogy” (aka: “Babe”), “The Path Between” (aka: “Node”), and Arrival.

9 Responses to The Reformed Citizen

  1. Elias Kell says:

    Again your writing style and voice could never cease to amaze! Bloody good work!!

  2. Dan L. Hollifield, Senior Editor, Aphelion Webzine says:

    Jesse Gordon’s stories are always a delight. They are well woven, thought provoking, and highly entertaining. The characters come to life as you read. When one story is over, you’ll want to start another as soon as you can.

  3. Lee says:

    The mix of quasi-1984 / Orwellian social and political values with Matrix technology once again proves its merit in words and story. It just works every time in the right hands.

  4. Kelly says:

    I love the part in “The Ninth Life of Vincent Nguyen” where Kenny finds the note in Vincent’s place, all the way to the end. It’s not an end to things, only a realization that life is going to continue and that is where he belongs.

    I’m inclined to believe that people who won’t publish this have a fear of realizing, well, their own fears. This is a wonderful story, in my opinion. I’m going to print it and keep it in my sketchbook.

  5. jesse says:

    Eh…I tried to get it picked up by various outfits. Most of them considered it a “sexual story” and suggested I submit to erotica ‘zines and the like. Well, I didn’t see it that way at all – I think the underlying point would have been misconstrued. LOL

    I think you nailed the ending perfectly! 🙂 In a fairy tale, Kenny might have gotten everything he wanted, the way he wanted it, but in real life there’s just what you have; if you’re lucky, it goes on and you can be a part of it, you can make the best of it – there’s no need to want something “better.” 😉

    Thank you x 10 for reading!!

  6. Kelly says:

    I think give it a couple more years and “sexual stories” will perhaps have changed in definition and yours will no longer be seen that way. You’re right, the underlying point would be misconstrued if it were printed in so-called erotica ‘zines (who probably wouldn’t even pick it up, anyroad, due to the lack of sex… ).

    You’re so welcome! I love reading the tales that come to your mind. 🙂

  7. Kitchen Lady says:

    After reading ‘Distributed Logic’ in “The Reformed Citizen,” I think I will think twice before leaving my children (or anyone of any age, for that matter) alone in a room with a computer for any length of time before checking on them. Spine-chilling story, and for me, it comes pretty close to becoming real in today’s computer-crazed world! As for ‘Line 43′- I am a bus-rider, and from now on, I will also think twice before touching anything on the buses. Maybe I’ll wear gloves (at least when the weather is cold, so as not to attract too much attention to myself). But in warm weather? Hmm, maybe I could use two of those invisible ‘membranes’ from ‘The Path Between / The Node’ (one for each hand, glove-shaped) to avoid whatever might be lurking on the internal bus surfaces. But, I would not want to wear an entire membrane over my whole body. Read the story to find out why. For me, another tingling tale. I am continuing to read the rest of the stories in “The Reformed Citizen,” and will post further comments soon. So far, I can see each of your stories, Jesse, as a good movie. Good luck with “The Node” as a movie. And hopefully, you’ll also make movies of some of your other stories. I’ll be your first viewer.

  8. here says:

    Is it okay to insert a portion of this in my personal webpage if I publish a reference to this website?

  9. jesse says:

    Contact me via e-mail and we can work something out. 😉

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