Babe, a novelette by Jesse Gordon - Kindle E-book

Publisher: Madman & Moniker

In a time of medical marvels and social revolutions, Demis Matheson regrets living his life as an unfortified, aged Fogy—until he meets a Babe named Chronos, who tests his notions of youth and beauty.

“Babe” was originally titled “Fogy,” and first appeared as part of The Reformed Citizen anthology. The story is a spin-off idea based on notes for a Time Chaser sub-plot that never made it into the published version of the novel. I’ve since re-introduced the “Babe” social aspect into Time Chaser: Special Edition, which includes the super-cheesy Breakfast with Chronos novella in its entirety. (I wanted to include free fortified bubble gum samples, but my publisher chickened out during contract negotiations. Oh, well.)

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2 Responses to Babe

  1. lily says:

    Awesome dystopian story. Loved it!

  2. jesse says:

    Thanks, Lily. Don’t drink the tap water – or do, depending. LOL

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