In a previous life I was also a fiction writer between the hours of midnight and 5:00 AM. These are my wares. Personally, I think there are probably much better ways to spend your time and money. Cory Doctorow’s site, for example. He seems to know what he’s doing.

Novels and Anthologies

SuperMegaNet, Vol. 4 (Anthology)SuperMegaNet, Vol. 4 (Anthology)
“Your friends are but a click away!” This deluxe, pixel-bound volume contains the complete blog entries from SuperMegaNet’s fourth year at (January – December 2011), as well as the #SMNTheTape Twitter novel, in its entirety.
SuperMegaNet, Vol. 3 (Anthology)SuperMegaNet, Vol. 3 (Anthology)
“Your friends are but a click away!” When four unlikely friends install a beta version of SuperMegaNet as part of a class assignment, they discover that not only can they video chat in real-time, they can actually teleport to and from each other’s homes…
SuperMegaNet, Vol. 2 (Anthology)SuperMegaNet, Vol. 2 (Anthology)
“Your friends are but a click away!” This collection contains the complete blog entries from SuperMegaNet’s second year at (January – December 2009), as well as author commentary and a very heart-felt interim blog written by Ernest Goodale himself.
SuperMegaNet, Vol. 1 (Anthology)SuperMegaNet, Vol. 1 (Anthology)
“Your friends are but a click away!” That’s the promise of SuperMegaNet, a new kind of chat program that turns ordinary computers and webcams into something extraordinary. When four unlikely friends install a beta version of the software as part of a class assignment…
Heroes' Day (Novel)Heroes’ Day (Novel)
In the late twenty-first century, war has become unfashionable. In its place: the Global Ranking System, a means by which the world’s Patriot nations can compete for resources via academic, artistic, athletic, and scientific contest…
The Reformed Citizen (Anthology)The Reformed Citizen (Anthology)
While 2005’s The Midnight Recollections served as an introductory sampling of my short story work, this collection of mostly novellas and novelettes delves specifically into the dark, the introspective, and the surreal…
Stories from the Steel Garden (Novel)Stories from the Steel Garden (Novel)
Richard Doroschenko is a diligent worker and a kind-hearted resident of the Steel Garden manufacturing campus. He is also a storyteller with the ability to frame people, places, and events in such a way that the dismal mediocrity of everyday life becomes something bearable. This novel chronicles Richard’s experiences during Earth’s Sol Union days…
The Midnight Recollections (Anthology)The Midnight Recollections (Anthology)
Glimpse into the surreal world of a mysterious painter whose artistic ability captures more than just the memories of the deceased; visit Shade City, where color is the law and equality is literally skin-deep; travel to the snowy borderlands of Kyrth and witness the ultimate battle between mortal and god…
The Knack (Novel)The Knack (Novel)
Anaheim, California is comprised of two types of people: duds and the afflicted (also called “initiates”). The former are your everyday, average folk, but the latter possess what is informally referred to as “the knack.” An unusual sort of STD, the knack heightens a person’s metaphysical abilities…
Time Chaser (Novel)Time Chaser (Novel)
Unintentionally separated from his birth stream, Storm Anderson was a fugitive on the run, an exile of humanity, and the Time Patrol’s biggest headache. All he wanted was to get back home. However, the journey across time and space had…

E-book Singles (Short Stories and Novelettes)

Fear Stomping (Novelette)Fear Stomping (Novelette)
For as long as he can remember, Kenneth has been afraid. One day, he meets someone, Vincent, who shows him how to conquer his fears by finding the special places where fear is not real. A story about friendship and alternate realities.
Losing Character (Short Story)Losing Character (Short Story)
Waking to find himself trapped in a mysterious purgatory, a stage performer must come to terms with the possibility that his identity belongs to someone else.
Node (Novelette)Node (Novelette)
James has a gift for seeing the darkness beneath the surface. When an encounter with a secretive organization offers him a chance to put that gift to constructive use, he finds that there is a price to be paid for making the world a “perfect” place.
Babe (Novelette)Babe (Novelette)
In a time of medical marvels and social revolutions, Demis Matheson regrets living his life as an unfortified, aged Fogy—until he meets a Babe named Chronos, who tests his notions of youth and beauty.
Distributed Logic (Novelette)Distributed Logic (Novelette)
SimpliCITY. It’s the ultimate online sim game. The new version just came out, and it promises to deliver the best VR experience yet—but what happens when the boundaries between sim and reality begin to break down?
Line 43 (Short Story)Line 43 (Short Story)
It’s flu season in the city, and Jersey has his own crazy ideas about how the bugs get around. But little does he know that on this particular morning, and during this particular bus ride, his conspiracy theories are about to become prophecy.
The Gilded Flame (Short Story)The Gilded Flame (Short Story)
In the snowy borderlands of Kyrth, the ultimate battle is about to begin as an elven traveler realizes that even immortals may grow weary, even gods may die.

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