Puppet Wang

Oh, that’s right: I posted a new SuperMegaNet episode late last month. How silly of me not to mention it here…unless that was my devious plan all along.

Obligatory excerpt:

“Take some pictures of your dick before we upload.”

I blink back at Mini. “What? Why?”

Mini rolls his eyes at me. “Phone is left somewhere obvious. Phone is found preloaded with pictures of an underage kiddie’s junk. Phone’s owner is whisked off to a nice, cozy prison cell.”

I can see the potential of Mini’s proposal, but to tell you the truth, I’m not too fond of having pictures of my penis floating around on Robbie’s phone. What if the person who finds it also happens to like little boys? Or what if whoever finds it simply returns the phone to Robbie without poking through his files first? I’ll just be doing him a favor.

“I think I’ll keep my private parts to myself,” I tell Mini.

“Just shoot from the waist down,” he says. “It’s not like anyone can ID you from looking at your groin.”

“Underwear was invented for a reason: to keep certain body parts under.”

The premise: About to upload to Theo’s for the night, Jan and Mini argue over the validity of jail-baiting Robbie’s cell phone with pictures of Jan’s, er, cash and prizes. Read the full episode here.


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Book designer and formatter based in southern California. Supreme overlord of the SuperMegaNet pseudoverse.
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One Response to Puppet Wang

  1. jangawol says:

    lol yea might not be the best idea to take pics of your junk on someone else s phone lol funny post!

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