Science Cookies!

Gel Electrophoresis

Today is Cookie Day with the family. No, really. I’m doing Scottish shortbread; my sister’s doing sweet potato sandies (she’s such a show-off). Naturally, my thoughts have turned to how I, a simple wannabe baker, can use my Googled recipes to help promote various scientific techniques—which is why Ms. Humble’s Not So Humble Pie blog caught my attention:

…the markers on my cookies are completely random DNA gibberish of course. I’d love to do these and replicate actual microbiology gels.

She’s such a geek. And I love her for it. Her gel electrophoresis (how lab coat guys and gals separate or sort out certain microscopic bits, if I’m not mistaken) sugar cookies look darned delectable. Just so you know, they’re merely cosmetically modeled after the electrophoresis process, and not actually created in an agarose-filled box. That would make them considerably less yummy. And don’t worry: the cookies don’t require any science. Only almond extract if you want that distinctive flavor. I actually knew that before reading Ms. Humble’s suggestion, thank you very much.

(Check out those bitchin’ Wii controller cookies. Sweet. Literally!)


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2 Responses to Science Cookies!

  1. abbey! says:

    These look SO good. You have now inspired me to make my own rendition of these bad boys! 😛 mmm science 😉

  2. jesse says:

    Oh, I am SO there when you do that! Need an extra pair of hands? A hearty appetite, perhaps? Done. 😉

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