The Oatmeal Man Karma Round-Up

It seems online buzz for The Oatmeal Man is making its way across the Internet—by the spoonful, no less. Fangoria, Dread Central, and Quiet Earth are just a few of the horror sites linking to the movie’s shiny new trailer. My question: Who’s been pimping our shit, and can I buy him / her / it a drink?

My favorite bit of oatmeal commentary so far (from the forum):

Looks terrible, but in a good way.

It also appears Sal Perales and myself have done interviews for Obscure Horror. I tried to be interesting with my answers. Sal’s were totally ninja. Thanks, Rich, for letting us toot our horns. Update: It also-also appears both Sean and Krisondra were interviewed by Obscure Horror way before Sal and I ever were. Fail, Jesse, for not checking your facts first!

Okay, so here’s my idea for the ultimate The Oatmeal Man promotional gimmick: a collector’s edition of the DVD sealed in wax paper packaging, like the old baseball card decks from the 1980s. There would even be a stick of powdered chewing gum nestled between the wrapper and the DVD case. Sean, are you listening?


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5 Responses to The Oatmeal Man Karma Round-Up

  1. Shonsta says:

    You know it’s gotta be released like that or not at al! lol

  2. sal p says:

    Don’t forget the Postcard sized cardboard trading cards (old school non-glossy), the Oatmeal Man 30 page comic (written by A.J. Thompson Illustrated by Clod Foster Inked by Ritchie Armstrong), and the ultimate commentary with Jesse Ventura, Bill Duke, Carl Weathers, that awesome indian guy, and Arnie….

  3. jesse says:

    I’ve been telling everyone that Jesse Ventura, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke…and Arnie are in our movie. Am I lying if they just appear in a YouTube video that Clive happens to be watching? :p

  4. joey says:

    do i get girl scout cookies with each dvd purchase

  5. jesse says:

    Hell, even I might buy the DVD if it comes with girl scout cookies. I’ll think about that when I download the movie once it becomes available on the torrent sites. :p

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