Oates Kill Fan Video #2

Abbey sent me this fan video by Salvador Solis:

It really is a love-hate thing with oatmeal, isn’t it? It either gets your day off to a healthy start—or it stalks you in an abandoned warehouse at the edge of town. Maybe that’s what turns on Wilford Brimley so much when he does those Quaker Oats commercials: taking a breakfast food that has polarized our society and bringing it a warm, slightly creepy grandfatherly image.


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Book designer and formatter based in southern California. Supreme overlord of the SuperMegaNet pseudoverse.
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2 Responses to Oates Kill Fan Video #2

  1. Megan says:

    I have a creepier rendition of Wilford Brimley: http://bit.ly/I4Ukb

  2. jesse says:

    haha I’m using that as my new avatar! 😀

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