Back When Game Cartridges Were Cool as Mullets

I was clearing out an abscess in my closet and found my old Game Boy, as well as a dozen game packs:

Circa 1989 Game Boy hand-held with crusty game packs

You’ll notice how much the Super Mario Land cartridge resembles a piece of spoiled fruit. That’s because I played the shiat out of it when I was a kid. I also dropped it in the toilet once or twice (who hasn’t?). Which begs the question: Why, in the middle of a bowel movement, would I need to switch games on the fly? Ah, well. It was my first Game Boy game, my first game period after several months of gamelessness (due to my mom’s previously destroying my NES with a hammer—true story). It was my initiation into the exciting world of monochrome, calculator-LCD-like portable gaming, and I was smitten. As primitive as it was, Super Mario Land was probably my favorite Mario game for the Game Boy.

Quite possibly the best overall game for the Game Boy was The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Most ports or series installments on the Game Boy had less maneuverability than their NES counterparts, and were oftentimes visually inferior. Not so with Zelda, which utilized the Game Boy’s limited specs quite well. I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon when I tried the cart out and discovered all my saved games were still there.

There are other carts that I’m still fond of, like Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge and Ninja Boy…and that’s about it. Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear was a mere shadow of Ironsword. Speedy Gonzales’ soundtrack made me want to go to the dentist. Someone lent me Operation: C, and I didn’t like the controls as well as I did in Contra / Super C. But it wasn’t all crap during that gilded 1989-1990 period. TaleSpin was still on the air; Wesley Crusher was still aboard the Enterprise; Robocop hadn’t yet rusted through; the Ninja Turtles were still teenage. It was a good time to be a geekling.

(Random routine reminder: I don’t send spam from my e-mail address, nor from any of my other addresses. So, if you’ve supposedly received a message from me touting instant weight loss or miracle erections, know that it’s not genuine.)


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4 Responses to Back When Game Cartridges Were Cool as Mullets

  1. sal perales says:

    I remember when Samus returned.

  2. carik43 says:

    I’ve been enjoying the use of Calibri as the font for the headings in your new blog design but wondered what font you used for the jessture title at the top? For the life of me I can’t figure it out.

    Personally I still consider the Pokemon games to be the most effective games for the Gameboy, even though I quickly outgrew them.

  3. jesse says:

    I remember when Samus lost her space suit. :p

    The main title font is Aller, which I also used for the previous layout. It’s become a favorite of mine.

    Pokemon never did it for me. At the time I was out of video gaming and into The X-Files. LOL I don’t know if that was an improvement or not…

  4. carik43 says:

    Thanks for clearing up my confusion, and for the Aller link. It’s one fine typeface.

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