Young Adult Rules

I’m always somewhat nervous whenever I put a young(ish) character into a questionable situation involving nudity, sex, violence, or all three simultaneously. This quote from The Rejecter made me breathe a sigh of relief:

Really, anything goes in YA these days. Basically, don’t write smut that has no plot, or PWP as we say in fanfic. (Porn Without Plot or Porn Without Point) And don’t be excruciatingly descriptive unless you’re being raped and it’s an autobiography. Then sit back and wait for the awards to roll in.

There’s a plot to Kyna and Bryson’s (see The Knack) running around naked that night he gets the Fever, right? I thought so…even though that book earned a “What is this crap?” comment from one reader (who has since done a complete about-turn regarding the novel, thankfully). Another reader asked why Ernest Goodale swears so much. Simple: because it makes him cool. Some of that coolness invariably bleeds into the plot. It works in The Goonies. The plot is so-so, but add a group of fowl-mouthed kids (and a deformed family member) and you have instant gold. Preteen kids cussing equals entertainment in my book.

FYI, I need to feck off for a while, so if I don’t post again for another week, it’s because I’m, well, busy fecking off. 😉


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2 Responses to Young Adult Rules

  1. Lenka says:

    life is short party naked right? :o)

  2. jesse says:

    Exactly! 😀

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