More Kindling for the Fire

Those of you who own / are planning on owning an Amazon Kindle e-book reader may be interested to know that you can now download most of my books and novels to your Kindle:

I’m told that all of my titles are priced between $4.00–$5.00. So there you go. One more way to read some books without turning a physical page. I’m still on the fence as to the meaningfulness of the Kindle. At nearly $400, I’m tempted to just grab one of those Acer Aspire One netbooks for ~$300 and gain the ability to listen to music and browse the Web in color—in addition to e-book capabilities.

What say you? Amazon Kindle or netbook with Adobe Reader installed?


About jesse

Book designer and formatter based in southern California. Supreme overlord of the SuperMegaNet pseudoverse.
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2 Responses to More Kindling for the Fire

  1. Kelly says:

    I’ll be very sad the day they stop publishing paperbacks and hardcovers 😦

  2. jesse says:

    Me too. The printed word is one of our oldest traditions. I’m not so much a doomsayer against digital media as I am a worried optimist regarding today’s technology being reliable / decipherable to future generations. Let’s say I release an e-book in WordPerfect format only. Who’s to say WordPerfect or Corel will be around in a hundred years? And even if they are, will they give a damn about a document written in an archaic format?

    This happened to me when I upgraded to Microsoft Office 2000 back in the day. I needed to open some Word 2.0 documents my old word processor had created and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how. Word 97 did it though. This begs the question: In order for digital documents to survive a decade or more, must we get in the habit of converting / upgrading / “keeping everything current” every few years?

    Okay, enough from me. 😉

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