Happy New Year

Welcome to 2009. It’s a lot like 2008 except the new car smell hasn’t yet dissipated enough to reveal the stench of personal crisis and financial angst underneath. That usually comes sometime towards the end of the first quarter. Before then, I’m capitalizing on my hopes and wishes by committing to a small handful of resolutions, including: finishing The Knack re-write, thereby raising the quality of my back catalog to tolerable levels; lowering my cheese intake (I know that sounds funny, but I’m friggin’ serious); getting Heroes’ Day off my hard drive and into readers’ hands. Or maybe I’ll learn to play the bass. I’ve always wanted to do that.

Best of all, though, I’m finally getting rid of that stupid Stewie Griffin calendar hanging on my wall:

Stewie Griffin has consistently ruined each of my days

Stewie Griffin has consistently ruined each of my days

How about you? Any resolutions / plans / obligations this year?


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Book designer and formatter based in southern California. Supreme overlord of the SuperMegaNet pseudoverse.
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9 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. SPENCER says:


  2. jesse says:

    …just before I kick the ever-loving shiat out of you. :p

  3. Peege says:

    I vow to try as hard as i can to not watch anymore Star Trek TNG and get back to reality, even though i just got season 5 for x-mas 🙂

  4. CRYPT says:

    you wish mofo

  5. jesse says:

    Yes, I am very wishful, Mr. CryptKeeper, or whatever your prison name is. 😉

  6. Cheryl says:

    I don’t have any resolutions. This year I find myself a bit disallusioned. I guess if goals are a resolution for this year, it would be to find a home that works for Spencer, get the band I am in off the ground and doing concerts, get my unpaying job financially stable so that I will be paid, pay all my debts off, help my friends get off their guff and accomplish their dreams, and either start a restaurant or buy rental property… Hopefully finish my divorce, but that isn’t dependent on me.

  7. jesse says:

    Peege, I thought I’d beaten the ST habit until I pulled out my DVDs, intending to casually watch an episode or two. I’m now three seasons into the series, and it looks like I’m not stopping until I get to the end. LOL

    I feel you, Cheryl. It feels like now, after so many years of plodding along and being patient, is the time for change. Action. Between us, I think we can accomplish something – as I always remind you: if you need a favor, just ask. I won’t muck things up…intentionally. My only request is that once you put out your first CD, I want a signed copy. 😉

  8. kelly says:

    My resolution is to hold off on performance mods for my truck until I can get her all fixed up purdy like (discovering a crack in the floorboard, missing bolts, cracks in the body, need to fix up the interior, get my CB radio mounted, get the new CD player put in…figure out where the amp is so the new CD player can actually be hooked up to the speakers…haha).

    I’m attempting to cut down the coffee intake from 1 pot+ to two or three cups. I think one day I consumed two pots and still fell asleep.

    End my days at Ford.

    Get cracking on producing one completed rendering every two-three days.

    So far, I’m working on all of the above, as planned 🙂

  9. Neil says:

    Hmm… resolutions are tough for me. Like Cheryl said with all the commotion going on, its hard to focus. I suppose thats the best time to have clear resolutions though. I guess, to make sure I’m financially stable, being that I just came back from overseas. Also get myself in another Martial Arts school now that I’m back, get another car, and keep in touch with my friends. Cuz seriously, I notice I just been getting busy and busy, and lose touch with everyone. When it only takes like 5mins to talk to someone and see how they doing.

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