The Art of Chthon

Anyone who’s visited my site throughout the years knows that in the mid-1990s I decided to throw my life away and become a fiction writer—all because of Piers Anthony’s Phthor. Anthony’s wild, untamed underworld (ruled by a headstrong kid close to my age at the time) opened the door to the Xanth series, which opened the portal to the Adept series, which…well, you get it. Recently, I stumbled upon an artist (Rezo Kaishauri) who actually managed to depict visually what Anthony’s prose conveyed:

Phthor - Arlo and Torment © Rezo Kaishauri

Phthor - Arlo and Torment © Rezo Kaishauri

And Kaishauri doesn’t stick to rendering deviant nudists running around in dank caverns, either. His Web site showcases a hefty body of work, surmised by this quite-appropriate welcome message:

Surrealism is not the way you live, act or feel. It’s the way you dream. We, who call ourselves ‘surrealists’, are marked by the Lord himself with a slightest touch of insanity. Creative insanity that is, granting the freedom to transform reality, to reach beyond visible, and to display the possibility of impossible. My personal goal, as a surrealist, is to represent the unreality with maximum reality, trying to make you believe in what you see. This is what Salvador Dali did the best.

Indeed, much of Kaishauri’s work has a Dali-esque slant to it, which leads me to believe that while surrealism’s l33t master may have passed on, his pupils are surely and steadily filling the void.

I look forward to more.


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