PervCon 2002

Now hiding in a locker room near you!

Now hiding in a locker room near you!

Me, Ninfa, and Abby, circa 2002. Why do I always look like I’m about to invade the CSUF women’s locker room? And don’t say it’s because of the shirt…or the hair…or the camera aimed at my crotch…

Since I’m talking about perverts, remember the Olympus Pervcam video?

I do. 😉 is hosting its annual Doritos commercial contest. I’m not sure if I’ll do one this year. As usual, I have the ideas, but not the time. Sean would certainly like to bring back the Godchild, but we haven’t seen him in years. Last I heard he was bar-hopping in Arkansas.

Check this out:



Caught this last night. Looks like Yahoo! is toying with a new layout. Or perhaps it’s the layout that’s toying with Yahoo! 😀


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