Yes, in the Present

Yes band lineup no. 27

Yes band lineup no. 27

YesWorld finally posted a photo of the new Yes lineup. In Jon Anderson’s absence is Yes tribute singer Benoit David, as well as Rick Wakeman’s son, Oliver, on keyboards. Despite the fact that everyone in this shot seems to be Photoshopped in some way (notice Steve Howe’s Natural Timbre pose), I’m thrilled by the prospect of a new tour—because maybe this will be the year any incarnation of Yes performs music from the (IMHO) highly underrated Drama album. And I think I’m liking Benoit’s voice over Trevor Horn’s. Even if you’re a grizzled Jon-or-nothing Yes fan. This guy sounds remarkably like Jon Anderson. Can it be that Yes has finally become its own tribute band?

Another question for you: did you know that all the humans are dead?

That’s The Flight of the Conchords. In the forthcoming Gentlemen Broncos, Jemaine Clement plays the part of my new personal hero, Dr. Ronald Chevalier. Kind of reminds me how that Jesse Gordon dude tried using viral marketing to promote his own books a while back:

Except Ronald has a way cooler hair style. 😉


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