Storm Anderson Poses Naked

I mentioned in my last post that I was re-doing Time Chaser. Well, it’s now mid-August, and the “Special Edition” is finished and making its way to an online store near you, spiffy new cover (courtesy of the uber-talented Hanumeldo) and all:

Storm shows off his bottom

As for what’s new, Time Chaser SE contains (geez, I’m getting Windows 98 SE flashbacks now!) a re-edited version of the novel, as well as the inclusion of the “Breakfast with Chronos” novella, which is an offshoot of one of Time Chaser‘s early story lines. This edition has also replaced the previous, dull-gray version. Good riddance. / Barnes & Noble listings should follow in about a month. I’ll update the Time Chaser bibliography page when that happens.

I caught part of the Beijing opening ceremonies, as well as bits and pieces of the men’s and women’s gymnastics events. That Sacramone girl is hawt stuff, even if she didn’t hit her routines dead-on. Then again, the American team went into things on the edge, one girl short, so that was bound to rattle a few nerves. It was also hard not to notice that Marta Karolyi bore more than a passing resemblance to Darren Hades in the midst of her “little babies” tirade(s):…

No, I didn’t time-travel ahead in order to find inspiration for Darren’s temper. Not this time. Nor had I ever heard of or seen Midnight Cowboy until a month ago, when I realized Jon Voight’s character was exactly how I would have pictured Bryson Powell…minus the tassels. Talk about delayed synchronicity.

Firefox 3—all hail the mighty Fox—has been out a while now, and is great and all, but has anyone noticed any weird dots hovering above certain clicked linked images?

Tell me it’s not just me and Google experiencing this…?

I’ve started a new online experiment called SuperMegaNet: Ultimate Collaboration. The idea is to put out small, bite-sized chunks of writing at regular intervals…or whenever the hell I feel like it. Premise-wise, the series is a combination of humor and contemporary sci-fi: Four kids become entangled in each other’s lives when they install a beta social networking tool on their computers. Shenanigans ensue.


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