Mid-Week Mumbles

I saw The Simpsons Movie over the weekend, and, despite the noticeable absence of Mr. Burns outside of a brief cameo, I was quite satisfied. Some highlights: Green Day die in the first five minutes; Bart goes skateboarding around town in the nude (earning the reaction from Ralph, “I like men now!”); Homer gives everyone the bird (how long I’ve waited for genuine The Simpsons profanity!); Ned Flanders makes hot chocolate (much funnier than you’d think). The animation was fantastic, too, particularly in the angry mob scene, where pretty much every character in Springfield is carrying a lighted torch. I can’t imagine what the animators went through putting that together, but it paid off.

So, I’m a The Simpsons fan again. 🙂

But South Park still rocks my world:

My head size and sweatshirt color are both spot-on

My head size and sweatshirt color are both spot-on

That’s me, as envisioned by the Flash character generator at The Original SP-Studio web site.

My deviantART journal backlog turned up a great entry by Marcus Ranum on female nudes and their inspiration. The “Dirty Old Man” in me whole-heartedly agrees with the sex factor. Indeed, much of my own writing is nothing more than prurient naughtiness dressed up as science fiction. Sure, Starship Earth explored the nature of emotional relationships—but it was also sexy as hell to imagine Jocelyn and Tinah running around with their titillating parts in plain view.

So, now you know. 😉


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