Awaiting Citizenship

The Reformed Citizen - Cover Design

The Reformed Citizen - Cover Design

The new anthology should be out next month. Everything is pretty much finalized; I just need to go through some last minute paperwork. Isn’t the fractal cover art bitchin’? (You can thank Kevin Liangcy for that.) If you’re a reader, reviewer, or plain ol’ well-wisher, send me an e-mail; I’m giving away free copies of The Reformed Citizen to people willing to post their reviews on the book’s page (when it becomes available).

With that project nicely sliced off, I now have some time to work on my next novel project—though I’ll probably just end up sitting around in my underwear and reading naughty comics while scarfing down Cheetos.

LoveSnot © El Cid

LoveSnot © El Cid


Well, I did do a short story called “Bradbury’s Ghost” for the Outre Dark horror digest, which is due out in July.

My Linux adventures have plateaued in 2007, as I’m still using PCLinuxOS (which I installed back in January). The particular version of KDE that ships with PCLinuxOS Test Release 2 is quite stable—more so than some of the “final” Fedora and Ubuntu releases! I’m guessing this is because KDE is the default desktop. Usually everyone flocks to GNOME as if it’s the best thing since sliced bread; it’s refreshing to see usability favored over anal, don’t-eat-with-your-mouth-open simplicity (see the checklist at the bottom of this article and tell me GNOME’s not ridiculous).

I stole this from someone’s MySpace:

Scandalvania - Just before Simon's Quest went horribly, horribly wrong...

Scandalvania - Just before Simon's Quest went horribly, horribly wrong...

Last weekend, I picked up a copy of Brian Keene’s new novel, Ghoul. I also snagged Accidents Waiting to Happen, Simon Wood’s mass-market debut—which is really cool, because I used to deal with Simon back in the ShadowKeep days, back when he was just starting out. Now his books are appearing on store shelves! And as for Brian, Ghoul is wicked fun, sort of a darker Stand By Me for the 21st century. My only complaint is that Doug gets fucked up. I mean, he really gets the shit end of the stick in this book (as do several other characters). If anyone deserves a chance at making it through to the end unscathed, it’s Doug—but that’s not how things pan out. However, Brian is wise enough not to have turned things into a “guess which character survives” slash-fest. Not completely. At any rate, Ghoul was my introduction to Keene’s novel work, and I’m pleased with it…I just won’t go near any cemeteries for a while.

Before you click out, check out the Freebies page for the latest chapter from The Knack, as well as an Easter egg story from the erotic Time Chaser project.


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